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Catbridge Machinery LLC
Catbridge Machinery
115 Main Road
Montville, NJ 07045

Phone: (973)808-0029
Fax: (973)808-0076

Catbridge Machinery - Site Map

Our Machinery:
Continuous Winders
   Model 401 Continuous Surface Winder
   Model 324 Cantilevered Turret Slitter Rewinder
   Model 324-C Continuous Turret Center Rewinder
   Custom Slitter Rewinders
   Compact Meltblown Line
   Automatic Score Knife Positioning
   Model 185 Cross Web Perforator
   Model 600 Shafted Unwind
   Model 205 Two-Drum Surface Winder
   Model 140-45 Salvage Winder
   Model 525 Duplex Center Slitter Rewinder
   Model 142 Roll Editor Salvage Winder
   Model 324 FP Single-Turret Slitter Rewinder
   Pin Perforator
   Model 126 Automatic Score Knife Positioning
   Model 210 Two-Drum Surface Winder
   Model 550 Duplex Center/Surface Slitter Rewinder
   Multi-Die Meltblown Line
   Integrated Web Converting Lines
   Model 130 Single-Shaft Center Slitter Rewinder
   Model 344 Dual-Turret Slitter Rewinder
   Model 729 Duplex Center/Surface Slitter Rewinder
   Model 130 Automatic Shear Knife Positioner
   Model 215 Two-Drum Surface Winder
   Model 900-S Single-Shaft Slitter Rewinder
   Lab Lines
   Model 220 Two-Drum Surface Winder
   Model 900 Duplex Center Slitter Rewinder
   Model 606 Integrated Shafted Unwind With Lift
   Model 135 Automatic Razor Knife Positioning
   Other Custom Converting Machinery
   Model 344 FP Dual Turret Slitter Rewinder
   Model 714 Two-Drum Surface Winder
   Model 344 MC Dual-Turret Slitter Rewinder
   Model 900-M Duplex Center Slitter Rewinder
   Model 334 Fully Automatic Turret Slitter Rewinder
   Model 901 Duplex Center Slitter Rewinder
   Model 902 Duplex Slitter with Log Winding
   Model 324-C Continuous Turret Center Rewinder
   Model 660 Belt-Driven Surface Unwind
   685 Shaftless Floor Pickup Unwind With Infeed
   Drop In Turret Heads
   Model 686 Shaftless Floor Pickup Unwind
   Model 687 Shaftless Floor Pickup Unwind
   Model 690 Shaftless Unwind
   690I Inverted Unwinds - (2) Shown
   Unwind Sound Enclosures

Replacement Parts:
Roll Fabrication
   Roll Fabrication

Score Sleeves, Rolls & Dovetail Bars
   Score Slitting Components
   Score Sleeves, Rolls & Dovetail Bars

Score Slitting Holders, Blades, Bearings & Accessories
   Catbridge 1/2" Score Knife Assembly
   Cable-Driven 1/2" Score Knife Assembly
   Long-Lasting D2 Score Knife Blade
   Standard Score Knife Blade
   Thin Score Knife Blade
   Score Knife Blade with 19MM Bore
   Score Knife Blade for 3/8" Holder
   22MM Shielded Bearing
   22MM Shielded Bearing, Lithium Sealed
   22MM Unshielded Bearing
   19MM Shielded Bearing
   Piston Gasket
   Wicking Attachment
   Air Hose, Braided Steel
   Air Hose, PVC
   Air Hose Coupling
   Air Hose Socket

Shear Slitting Accessories
   Female Thin Dual-Edge Shear Knife
   Female Dual-Edge Shear Knife
   Female Standard Shear Knife
   Male 150MM Standard Dish Blade
   Male 90MM Shear Blade
   Male 150MM Shear Blade with Holes
   Mini Disconnect Male Coupling
   Mini Disconnect Female Coupling
   Rubber Air Bladder Material
   Cut-Off Knife Assembly
   Cut-Off Knife Assembly Top Blade
   Cut-Off Knife Assembly Bottom Blade
   Shielded Bearing

Razor & Perforator Components
   Razor Holder Assembly
   Razor Holder Assembly, Eccentric Blade Lock
   Razor Assembly Blades
   Hex Bar
   Brush Roll
   Cut-Off Blade
   Cut-Off Blade
   Perforator Blade
   Perforator Blade
   Pin Perforator Ring

Vintage Machine Parts
   Vintage Machine Parts
   26-Tooth Pinion Gear
   Rewind Arm Cap
   Rewind Arm Cap Bushing
   U-Type Rewind Arm Bushing
   Other Cameron 26 Parts

Safety Chuck Components
   Core Chuck Components
   Safety Chuck
   Locking Cam
   Idle Shaft
   U-Style Locking Socket
   U-Style Filler Piece
   V-Style Locking Socket
   V-Style Filler Piece

Tape & Roll Coverings
   Roll Coverings
   Tabber Tape
   Cloth Tape
   Cork Tape
   Embossed Tape
   Embossed Tape - Black
   Sponge Tape
   Sponge Tubing

Clutch & Brake Components
   Clutch and Brake Components
   Clutch & Brake Components

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